Team Deposit Fee

Club Fees

  • Please submit this information and then proceed to fill out the below Paypal scheduled payment for debit/credit cards. Your payment will be processed automatically according to the below schedule.

    Credit & Debit Cards: Auto payment will be set up upon check out of the first $600.00 payment (due Sept 20th). You will automatically be charged the next payment (2nd payment) in 30 days and (Final Payment) in 4 Months (120 days) to the credit card or debit card on file via PayPal.

    Team Deposit ($350.00 Completed)
    September 20th ($600.00)
    October 20th ($600.00)
    February 1st ($800.00)
    Total - $2,350.00

Club Fee Payment Plan 2019-2020
Number of payments 3
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $600.00 USD
2 after 1 month $600.00 USD
3 after 4 months $800.00 USD
Total $2,000.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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