Prostart Program Helmet

Families are excited to offer a unique helmet to ProStart Lacrosse. We have worked with Cascade Lacrosse to offer the first of its kind Metallic Chrome Navy Cascade XRS & XRS YOUTH Helmet to our players.

This color of helmet will be the first of its kind in the country offered to our players and the ProStart Brand.

Order Date:

All orders must be submitted by Thursday, September 20th to reserve a helmet.

Arrival Date:

December 1st arrival date (For the Holiday Season – Helmets will be used during the Spring & Summer Season.)

Helmet Fee: $300.00

Payment will be due by November 10th and will be directly invoiced to families who have ordered a helmet.

Sizing of Helmets:

We will be offering (2) options of sizes for our helmet CASCADE XRS and CASCADE XRS YOUTH

  • Cascade XRS (one size fits all: Recommended 2031-2027)
  • Cascade XRS Youth (ONLY IF XRS is too big)

Players should order the Cascade XRS if possible. Younger players may need a smaller size which has just been launched this fall season by Cascade called the XRS Youth.

Lax Unlimited Store Sizing: Tuesday – Thursday, September 22nd In-Store Sizing Available

Players and families may visit Lax Unlimited in Annapolis, MD to try on the XRS Cascade Helmet for sizing to determine if they need to order a smaller helmet the XRS YOUTH.

Please note the XRS Youth Helmet is not in stores at this time as it is a new helmet that has just launched.  Players can try on the XRS and determine if the XRS Youth Helmet should be ordered.

This is not the exact helmet as our helmet is customized color but gives an idea of the style of the helmet. We will also be adding team logos to the side of the helmet.

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